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NATIONALISATION and Labour Market Policies in Saudi Arabia

المؤلف: Abdullah H. Al Fozan

51.75 ر.س

This book is the result of a broad analysis of government policies of the labour market in Saudi Arabia during 2010- 2022, complement- ed with comparative studies from other GCC countries and global examples.
The author brings together all relevant stakeholders in the labour market, and considers the various perspectives on govemment policies, in particular by focusing on the quota system and Nitaqat programme, which represent – in all their stages and evolutions – a real example of nationalisation policies.
This book also sheds light upon employment theories, types of unemployment, and the broader structure of the labour market and its gov- ernment policies by explaining the quota system. Further, this book brings into prominence the government initiatives that target qualifi- cation of the human capital in Saudi Arabia following the launch of Vision 2030, and the impact of these initiatives on businesses.
This book can be classified as a personal experience of the author, manifested through his proximity to these developments as a businessman, and is thus a reflection of him as a contemporary observer of the private sector and the impact of nationalisation policies

معلومات إضافية

التصنيف المعارف العامة
تاريخ النشر 2023
ISBN 9786030449859
قياس الكتاب 17×24
NATIONALISATION and Labour Market Policies in Saudi Arabia
51.75 ر.س