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المؤلف: smail bezzazi

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Tour of a Lesson

PRE-READING introduces students to the theme of the reading. It does

this by introductory pictures and asking questions about them to test their

understanding of the vocabulary in the reading text. This is done through

matching exercises and choosing the correct answers from a supplied list.

READING TEXT focuses the students on the reading and requires students

to reflect on their pre-reading activities when applicable. Students read

silently first. They are not expected to understand every word; they should

be encouraged to read for the general meaning and to use contextual clues

and their university background knowledge to aid comprehension. Many of

the readings are in the form of conversations involving many people. This

gives the students the opportunity to perform role play and switch roles.

COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS provides students with an opportunity to

read the whole text or parts of it while looking for specific information to

answer a set of comprehension questions. In addition, students are asked to

identify meanings of words and expressions in the reading text. This

practice allows them to make inferences about meanings and asks them to

demonstrate their comprehension of the readings in a variety of ways, such

as using vocabulary in context.

VOCABULARY & UNDERSTANDING introduces vocabulary in context.

Students match different vocabulary items with their descriptions. This

section tests students’ understanding of the readings by asking content


LANGUAGE FOCUS includes grammar in practice where students are asked to

differentiate between grammatical structures and understand their

functional usage. Students are also asked to provide written output in the

form of linguistic structures which reflect the structures covered in the


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التصنيف التربية والتعليم | مراجع تعليم عالي
تاريخ النشر 2011
عدد الصفحات 91
ISBN 9789960546629
قياس الكتاب 29×21
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49.45 ر.س