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The Pilgrim’s Provision

المؤلف: محمد صالح المنجد

12.65 ر.س

There are glad tidings for the one who intends to perform Hajj, as he is under Allaah’s security and protection, expiates his sins and wards off poverty. Paradise is the reward for an accepted Hajj and the pilgrim is one of Allaah’s delegation, whom He called and they responded.
Hajj is an education concerning submission to Allaah at that period of time, within the boundaries of its location, its rituals, their form, number, location, and their order. The successful person is the one who benefits from Hajj by surrendering to the rulings of Allaah the Almighty and complying with them joyfully.
This booklet is a beneficial summarized pamphlet on Hajj (pilgrimage). It covers the virtue of Hajj, its rulings and what occurs during Hajj. It is taken from the app Jawwaal Zaad, which has been published upon request. We ask Allaah to make it a means of benefit for all pilgrims.

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التصنيف الدين
تاريخ النشر 2015
عدد الصفحات 128
ISBN 9786038047545
قياس الكتاب 21×14
رمز المنتج: 6900193 التصنيف: Product ID: 23502
The Pilgrim’s Provision
12.65 ر.س